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One of the best minigame realms on bedrock striving to be one of the best with 300+ Members And active every day! So Enjoy The Server And have fun. Join The discord got more updates on the realm too!

Geopolitical Survival, Guns, Claim Mod, Viable War Rules, New Weapons, Cannons, and much more. Realm Code in Discord. Dm Gamer STINKY#0141

Cloudy Factions is one of the highest quality Factions Realm's out right now. It includes faction creation and claiming, faction leaderboards, crates, ranks, quests, spawners, and whole lot more! Find out what we have to offer by joining today!

Cosmic KitPvP 💰Shop💰 👾Discord👾 🏹Kits🗡 Looking for helpers/mods for the realm and discord, more info on the discord server or dm me on xbox: Tacopig XBOX

We are a Minecraft Survival realm looking to recruit some players. What are you waiting for? Join the CosmicSMP today and talk to an amazing community.

CrabSMP Was Made back on February 23rd, 2022. We're so popular because of how we respect, and come across with our Community. We treat them with respect and make sure to always listen to their suggestions

Hello, It's Smoothie, The Owner Of The CrabSMP. I'm going to be telling you a little about the SMP That I Have Made and developed proregressivley over the past six months.

Cronixious is a survival multiplayer realms with custom systems such as custom crafts, story, and bosses which you can fight throughout your journey in this strange world.

A neat faction realm that will have crates and claiming, but has a shop, commands and more! Also, you can set homes, go to spawn, soon to be able to get crates and more!! If you want, you can create a faction and start raiding others

A survival based Minecraft realm which you can explore, fight, create by using your imagination, with players in this realm/discord server and you’re only 2 clicks away from this experience.

Demon SMP: We offer a survival world with a great admin team with plenty of cool mods maki my it a perfect simulation come join today

It has demon slayer Addons and has a discord server that I will do giveaways on to plus it’s a place to chat with me and make friends

🐉 Dragon Kit Pvp 🐉 | 🎟️ Realm Code: 34kgLK2wCro 🎟️ | 💣 Crates 💣 | 🎈 Custom Shops 🎈 | ⛰️ King of the hill ⛰️ | 🔥 Vaults 🔥 | 📦 Supply Drops 📦 | ✨ Discord Code: 88Q6TBdW4q ✨ | 🏆 Join Now! 🏆 |

Droidcraft Factions is one of the oldest reals on Minecraft Bedrock Edition, dating back to the Xbox 360. What else is there to want with so many features and such a dedicated player base? It's a little out of date, with village shops. These go all the way back to the Xbox 360 with custom villagers

Dynasty Factions is the supreme factions experience with great builds and systems across the board. We have a great set of carefully selected staff members to help moderate the network effectively and professionally. We have everything a factions can need plus more.

In this pvp kit ( top 3 clans get payed ) Duels Quests in a Combo Arena Pouch for money The mailman Capabilities ( you can buy in game ) Mines are a type of mineral ( in pvp, shop for it )

Hello and welcome to Elegance Kit PvP. We Are A Popular New Minecraft Realm! Where Can You PvP, PvE, Mine, And Grind? We provide: • A lot of fun • A vibrant and active community! •

Elite Factions is a new realm that has taken quite a bit of time in the making, the realm offers Many features. The realm was made by me and my wife after we played another factions realm and wanted a few things to change about it. Join now to check it out.

Elixer kit pvp is like nothing else it features custom villagers, vaults 15+ kits, duals, pvp arena, mines and way more it has 2 types of currency (Elixer and money scoreboards) there is over 700 people. I hope to see you in here and have fun that’s all that matters:)

Elixir Factions is a great factions realm come and join us now! Our realm contains many features that you will enjoy, join our discord to join the realm!

What are Minecraft Realms?

What are the Best Minecraft Realms? This may seem like it is a simple question however the answer is not that simple. There is a lot of components that go into finding Minecraft Realms however our website helps make this task easier. On Best Minecraft Realms you can scroll down our website and click the copy IP address button and play on any realm you would like! Each realm listed on our website has been audited by our website to ensure that the quality of the Minecraft Realms you are playing on truly is the best!


What is a Minecraft Realms List?

What is a Minecraft Realms List? A realm list is a website that can be accessed through Google to help find Minecraft Realms. Each realm list varies depending on who runs the website however this website, Best Minecraft Realms manually checks each realm that is listed and makes sure they are of the highest quality so that you can enjoy the Minecraft Realms that you play on! In order to use our Minecraft Realms List simply scroll down our website and click copy IP address once you ve found the realm that you think you will enjoy and boom, just copy it into your Minecraft launcher and have fun playing the realm list


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In order to play a Minecraft Realms you must have Minecraft installed on your computer. After that, load up Minecraft Multiplayer and then click add realm. Next pick the Minecraft Realms from our site that you would like to play, then click add realm, and then type in the realm IP address. After that have fun playing on your Minecraft Realms. If for some reason you arent enjoying the realm you found you can use our site, Best Minecraft Realms, and select a realm you would rather play on. If you cannot find a realm that fits what you are looking for on our site you can search for Minecraft Realms through google and select another realm list! If you ever have any questions about Minecraft Realms feel free to contact our support through the contact us button.