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5 Game
Owner CoolBright27
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Realm Category Mini Games

5 Game

Fun 3 Minigames and 10 Games as you play you get Level ups and more quests for coins and items to use on the server

Beta dungeons. In a dungeon you fight mobs find gold and get better items levelup and get into new dungeons


skywars. Find items and fight other players last one wins


kit pvp. Spawn in get your first kit Level up and upgrade Your Gear


slime Pvp. pvp on slime when getting pulled up


spleef. Get a pickaxe and mine under other players so they fall


pvp race. Pvp when racing try to win the race


tnt run. Run on the tnt befor it falls


walls. go through the walls and dont fall into the water


BedWars. in bedwars you spawn on a island with a Bed (Your Spawn) the goal is to Break Every other team bed And fight to the death



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