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Dynasty Factions
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Dynasty Factions is the supreme factions experience with great builds and systems across the board. We have a great set of carefully selected staff members to help moderate the network effectively and professionally. We have everything factions can need plus more.


How to Play

A popular kind of Minecraft game is known as factions. Classic Minecraft survival with a few essential plugins and improvements have been included. Don't worry about factions; it's for tough customers only. The foundation of the game is based on player against player (PvP). Additionally, there are OP Factions, which provide new enchantments and features that are not in the main game. The overall goal of Factions is to assemble a powerful squad, called a “Faction”, to lay claim to territory, establish bases, and launch raids on enemy bases. Factions relies on raiding as one of their foundational principles. A fun raid will combine the effort of constructing guns to destroy fortifications, as well as combat and collecting riches.

How to get started with Minecraft Factions

Factions is a little different for new players since they have to join another Faction before establishing their own. You can rely on them.


Claiming Land

Factions may secure territories that others will find almost impossible to subjugate. Even while individuals may still sneak onto claimed property to steal, it does not make it their land.



There are a plethora of instructions available on how to construct the finest cannons. You may choose from basic or more complex designs. Getting excellent at cannoning is essential in factions, but if there are other individuals in your faction who are also good at cannoning, it may not be required for you to learn.

Finding Bases

Another important aspect of Factions is the actual discovery of bases. On large maps, this may be more difficult to do than you would expect. Some of the finest bases are really totally concealed and do not appear on maps; nevertheless, since they will not be defended, they will be simpler to plunder than others. For normal bases, the command "/f map" may be used to display claimed territory. These are the bases that you will have to cannon into if you want to get in.


Make certain that your base is well-defended as well. People like to use water buckets to construct water barriers since they are more difficult to cannon.





Highlighted Features:

Sell Pads


Custom Crafting & Resources

Challenging Dungeon

Faction & Claim System

Massive PvP Optimised Arena

5 Different Challenging Bosses

6 Homes

Fantastic Land Claim System

Pickable Generators



20+ Special Items/Perks

Player & Faction Upgrades


4 Different Curruncies

Competitive Community

Frequent Events

Expensive & Grindy Kits

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