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Europa Network (SkyBlock)
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Europa Network hosts a number of 10 player realms for Minecraft Bedrock Edition. On March 21st, 2019, we began as a vanilla survival realm, but we saw potential in realms that extended far beyond traditional survival gameplay. We host game modes like Skyblock and Factions that have never been seen before or are only available on servers built with plugins. We are able to bring a server-like experience into realms thanks to cutting-edge add-on/function developers, top-tier build teams, and an experienced staff team. At the time of writing, we are one of the largest, if not the largest, realm establishments for MCBE; we have over 10,000 realm members and 45+ realm members on average.


What is Skyblock?


Many Minecraft servers have adopted the original Skyblock map as a game mode as a result of its popularity.
Minecraft's Skyblock map is one of its most well-known and played. You start on a tiny floating island with just one tree and a bucket of lava and a chunk of ice as your only possessions. It is now up to you to live as long as you possibly can and ultimately beat the game! -

This famous map ended up spawning a slew of copycat ones and even morphed into a game mode on multiplayer Minecraft servers, thanks to its widespread appeal.


Getting started 


The skyblock map will play a significant role on your first day. If you have any grass or flowers, you should mine them to see if you can obtain at least one seed from them. Then, break up the soil on your island, making sure to leave at least a few grass blocks behind for later. Place the soil around the tree in such a way that it will catch any fallen saplings. Cut down the tree and use the wood to build a crafting bench and a wooden pickaxe. Capture the seedlings and replace them as soon as possible. Opening a chest and inspecting the contents is a good idea. In most cases, you'll start off with a few crops such as sugar cane, melons, and pumpkins, as well as some obsidian for building a gateway. In addition, there is a bucket of lava and ice. To create a cobblestone generator, start by digging a T-shaped hole that is one block deep. In the middle, place a block, then two slots of water and lava on each side of it. The middle block must be broken in order to go into the final slot, and then the cobblestone that develops must be broken. Make certain that the blocks around the lava are not combustible, or else they will catch fire and burn. Try to mine as much cobblestone as you can and use it to create a complete collection of stone instruments. 


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