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Geo Fighters
Owner TroyMod
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Realm Category Kit PVP


Geo Fighters is a realm made by a team of builders and one developer that has been in the makings for more then a year and now its finally released. Geo Fighters was orignally hosted as a world before being released to a realm to fix bugs and test out the game

The idea of this game was to be a smash bros type game but it has multiple game modes and multiple classes armor and swords


There are currently 7 kits but 2 of them are currently unavailable the only way to get those 2 kits are by asking the owner or giving a donation (Because they are unfinished)

we also have kits from anime you will see later

We have 4 free kits Liter Recon, Type: Agility, Ryku, Type: Attack, Zepher Yukon, Type: Agility + Attack, Mipo, Type: Ranged

We currently only have 1 available purchasable kit which is gojo it is a balanced type as it heals you and has a long range attack

You can get your kits from paul right next to where you spawn just talk to this man and he will bring you to the kit shop where you can buy and equip your kits



There are currently 2 classes Berserk and Mage classes are simple to understand you level up your classes when you gain enough exp and you get exp from winning games and when you level up your class gets stronger what berserk does is give you strength and mage does is give you faster mana regen and more mana storage pretty simple

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