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Headshot Games
Players 0/11
Owner HeadshotRainbow
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Rank 21
Votes 2
Last Check 3 day(s) ago
Views 2722
Realm Category Prison

Here at Headshot Games we provide entertainment and fun for all our members. All our members are kind and friendly with many ways to contact admin if you need any help with anything. Currently we are in Season 2 - Wild West, of the mining Sim and would love to see you in our server so see you soon.


Extra Info: We have multiple kits you can buy to aid yourself in the PvP area, we also have the ability to buy enchants for your weapons. We are currently on making new areas so pardon our dust we are doing everything in our power to make your experience better and fun all the time. Always remember to report any cheaters you find you can report cheaters at


Important Info

If you want to me a admin you can submit a admin application form at

If you get banned you can submit a ban appeal here aswell


Minecraft 1_5_2022 11_24_00 AM.png


Minecraft 1_5_2022 11_24_18 AM.png


Minecraft 1_5_2022 11_24_30 AM.png

PVP Arena

Minecraft 1_5_2022 11_24_30 AM.png

Minecraft 1_5_2022 11_24_57 AM.png

Minecraft 1_5_2022 11_25_37 AM.png


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