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Owner Rain
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Realm Category Kit PVP



Looking for a Bedrock Realm with multiple features and creative ideas? We got all of that!

It Contains:


> `🍀` - A Fun and Friendly Community to chat and play with!

> `🧟‍♂️` - **PLENTY** of Dungeon Levels, Cosmetics, custom mobs, bosses, mines, and more to experience!

> `🪬` - **CUSTOM** Scoreboard, GUI, Power UPS, Music, Builds, and Ideas ALL made by us!

> `🔮` - **ADVANCED** Shop, Prestige, Custom Crafting Systems and more!

> `⚔️` - Minigames and Duels!

> `🖥` - Connected Discord & Minecraft Realm chat together, and preventing Android and PC players from joining except for whitelisted ones!

> `💵` - Donator Perks!


Join us now and become a part of our BIG Rain Community!


Realm Code - Hcgo_cWj-i8

Link -


Discord Server - RzMQaMNyKT

Link -

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