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TechTonic Factions
Owner YourFlyGoodbye
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Rank 138
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Realm Category Factions

4 Man Factions Reset Every 3 Months Active and Adding new Features Includes Koth and Crates Daily Supply Drops Automated shop Money transfer Auto gens and spawners 


incoming updates: GUI locator adding custom buyable ranks and including claims with the ability to also do flying in claims 


Season rewards and top factions: at the end of every season the faction with the most value (tracked by discord) receives a $50 store card voucher for the upcoming season 


other realms: also includes Kitpvp found in the discord 

Minecraft 1_17_2022 11_11_39 AM.png

Minecraft 1_17_2022 11_10_41 AM.png

Minecraft 1_17_2022 11_10_16 AM.png

Minecraft 1_17_2022 11_09_12 AM.png

Minecraft 1_17_2022 10_54_27 AM.png

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