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VIOD Skygen
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Rank 11
Votes 127
Views 15920
Realm Category Skyblock

This is a skygen with 5000+ players and a very active community. We have donation rewards a extremely great map made by our many builders and gets updated every season! We hope to expand this realm and get more ratings as we have not had many YouTube videos made on us but we are hopeful to see some more in the future. We are currently working on making a website that will open soon. We are also working to expand our network by making a faction and kitpvp! 

We have many features and even some that are in the works such as a crate system (Released)


A donation shop so you know exactly what you are getting for your money! (Released)


A "V.I.P Room" for people who have donated over a certain amount  (Released)


Lore hidden all around the map and updated almost daily and some lore even have codes for you to translate! Lore also has hint to new seasons and map themes! (Released) 


We are currently working on a casino which would have a random chance system to win big! And it will even have tickets you can get/find to have better chances (Unreleased)

Minecraft 7_14_2022 11_09_01 AM.png

We are working on a rebirth system which will give you special effect and perks! It will also have a whole new set on gens to buy and sell! (Unreleased)


We are close to finishing a black market which would allow you to buy secret items and casino tickets! (Unreleased)




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