How to Update Your Minecraft Bedrock Realm version (Outdated Realm Error)

There is a lot of misunderstanding about updating Realms. When a new version of Minecraft is released, people who are not on the same version as it cannot play on a Realm. It will not work if the player is on 1.1 but the Realm is on 1.2. It will not work if the player is on 1.2 and the Realm is on 1.1.

How to Keep a Realms Up to Date:

I'd like to emphasize that a Realm will NOT automatically update! The owner must close, then reopen the Realm, and finally join the Realm, ensuring that they are the first to enter. The owner must be playing the most recent version of the game. If you have a popular Realm, it may take a few tries because you may not be the first person to enter.


Still Out of Date?

If this doesn't work, try again! Because not everyone updates right away, I recommend waiting 6 hours after an update is released before updating a Realm.

Final Way to fix Issue

Download the world from the Realm, play it to create a new version, and then upload this new (local) world to your Realm. Both methods should work, but if you have a popular Realm, I recommend the second!