What are Minecraft Bedrock Edition Lang Files?

Ever looked through Minecraft files and wondered what are .lang files?


Well .lang files are the files that are used to define the names of EVERYTHING IN MINECRAFT!

You can edit things like items, blocks, join messages, and a lot of Minecraft text. You can make the texts colorful, so it's not the plain old text.


I have made an example below to show you how to do something like this

1. Go into your Resource Pack Folder or Download The Resource Pack Below!

2. Go into en_US or en_GB. So whatever you add or change in those file will only effect people using that language as their default Minecraft language. If you made changes to en_US.lang only then people who use espanol as their default language won't have those changes!

3. Put 'map.position=§cX - %s | Y - %s | Z - %s' In and edit it to whatever you want it to look like!

(Just remember that the  " %s " is the position of the player so don't change that!)


You can find the custom coordinate pack mcpack here