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AnwenCraft is an Open World adventure realm where one can complete quests and level up their character while exploring an ever-growing world. With constant updates that add more and more content to the realm

An upcomming Open World RPG realm, Custom Mobs, Custom Map And Terrain, Custom Bosses, Professional Builds and MORE!!

Fight until your last breath in a open world zombie survival server! Get Gear, Weapons, and loot! Fight some bosses or take part in the purge!

Elite Pre-Anarchy is Anarchy realm! Build, destroy, kill, cause chaos, or just relax.Elite is about a 4 year old realm. New Map reset!

Aurora Anarchys main server is a normal anarchy server that allows 32ks, We have a world border of 100k, we have an anti cheat we have this to keep the server going and stable.

πŸ—ΊA safe and chilled realm, you can build a house, go exploring, join a team, be involved with events, pvp competitions, be a staff member, manage, also give aways πŸ—Ί 🍦Vanilla with extra armour and weapons 🦾 πŸ₯·πŸΎanti cheat and lag clear

We are a custom survival modded community. We have custom addons, mods, a great staff team, a good community, and lots to do.

Minecraft: Bedrock Edition Anarchy Realm! 7.5k members! this realm allows illegals like 32ks, KODS, unbreakables! it’s also one of the best anarchy realm for 32k and the only last standing.

Jᴀᴍ Aα΄…α΄ α΄‡Ι΄α΄›α΄œΚ€α΄‡s is an Open World adventure realm where one can complete quests and level up their character while exploring an ever-growing world.

Miner Mends is a Popular Realm YouTuber with over 7k subscribers. He loves his fans so much he decided to make his very own realm for them to play on!

Do you want mods on your Nintendo switch Xbox and PlayStation well this is the realm for you we have tons of mods and we change them every month you can even suggest a mod

OutPost Anarchy is a world for hackers, cheaters, and exploiters. There are no laws in this realm, so it's ideal for testing our hack clients (for fun), messing with people, or simply griefing... because why not?

Pandora realms is a SMP that focuses on base building and world development. Any base can become a Realm Wonder. All Wonders will be given full greif protection as well as a teleportation button in world spawn so it can be shown off.

Us at pixelcraft, allow for a diverse amount of different things to choose from, featuring from our minigames to survival, to shop to PvP etc. You will definitely enjoy playing on our realm.

RealmsEvo Reborn for language Indonesian Only, if u speak english please dont join thanks u. if u want join so welcome in my realms


The Biggest MMO RPG Minecraft Bedrock Has Ever Seen. 10k by 10k to explore, with custom terrain, massive and small trees, over 100 quests, constant weekly to monthly updates, custom mobs, custom bosses, many classes to earn and pick from, ranks, and even more.

A basic griefing allowed realm with selling,services,freindly mods who dont abuse power, a spawn public nether, all mods have op. If you do not know what greifing is it is basically destroying someones home or base. Also no greifing spawn, if you are caught hacking you will be put in jail or banned.

Welcoem to my new survival realm This is my new survival realm with a big world and survival! Free to paly!!!

this is a survival realm nothing else also you can play on it whenever you want to but there are some rules 1. no griefing stealing and ask to join clans and stuff so thats it im not really good with rules