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A Minigame realm with 3 Games and 10 Minigames With Levels, kills and Coins to Buy Items all over the server in games Like Kit Pvp, Dungeons and Bedwars and play with almost 3000 members

Hello! In our Realm, Kingdom Minigames, we have lots of minigames (majority is still in development).

Hypickle Network has recently been updated. (v1.5) We just hit 200 members! Thank you all! Our new update brings a Being-Worked on lobby as this is being posted. More Minigames/Multiplayer games being published soon.

One of the best minigame realms on bedrock striving to be one of the best with 300+ Members And active every day! So Enjoy The Server And have fun. Join The discord got more updates on the realm too!

A realm that you just mine in that's constantly being updated. Nothing to hard and a chill laid back experience, and a nicely fast paced progression

We have over 5,000 players on our server, and more are joining every day! Join us in having fun by participating in events such as parkour and PVE!

PvP Realm with a bunch of gamemodes to try out! We also have parkour and mob arena so if nobody is online you can still have fun! We also have a discord server to appeal bans on and talk to the community.

This is a map where you can play several of the games from the popular series "Squid Game" Play alone or with your friends and have fun :D