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a minigame realm with 3 Games and 10 Minigames With Levels, kills and Coins to Buy Items all over the server in games Like Kit Pvp, Dungeons and Bedwars and play with almost 2000 members

Eperion is a Minecraft Server Realm that has many minigames PvP and non PvP! We have Kit PvP, A variety of Duels, and more! Eperion has pleasing builds, Multiple Ranks, SkyWars, and functional games! We also do giveaways and more on our discord server, all links are at the bottom.

Hello! In our Realm, Kingdom Minigames, we have lots of minigames (majority is still in development).

Hypickle Network has recently been updated. (v1.5) We just hit 200 members! Thank you all! Our new update brings a Being-Worked on lobby as this is being posted. More Minigames/Multiplayer games being published soon.

Welcome To Zyxer Games! We Have Games That We Hope You Will Like! Here Is Our Game List! Spleef, Duels, KitPVP, KnockOff, Parkour, SkyWars, Thats It For Now But Heres Our Upcoming Games! Dungeons, Deathrun, Infection, Murder Mystery We Also Have Personal Vaults!

GTA Minecraft (Criminality MC) is the Number #1 Best GTA Minecraft Realm Out There!. We strive to offer a unique gta experience inside of Minecraft while still keeping the same style of the game you all know and love!. Our Server provides an Open World City to Explore, Guns, Heists and Much More!.

We have over 5,000 players on our server, and more are joining every day! Join us in having fun by participating in events such as parkour and PVE!