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Shadow Network is a factions realm that was founded on the 7th of January 2020. We have over 8000 members in our realm with an extremely active community.

Amazing Experience. Great Anti-Cheat. Beautiful Spawn. Unique Realm. Helpful Staff. Join our realm for endless fun!

Binocraft Factions is one of the finest factions realms for the MCBE realm community, and it is also one of the most popular. Play on any Bedrock Device that is compatible.

Welcome to Venus Factions! What do we have to offer? Events, custom spawners, giveaways, active staff, friendly community, and much much more!

Great factions realm , includes a large player base , custom gui , quests , claims , pvp arena , events , bosses , shop , crates , discord kit and much much more , jump in and find out!

Velt Faction Offers You Shops/Active Staff/UAC Anti Cheat/Shop/Crates/Warps/Spawn/Koth. We Also Have A Friendly Community Already And We Are Trying To Grow The Community And Be The Best Faction Realm Out Their So If You Would Like To Join Us On This Adventure Please Do.

Geopolitical Survival, Guns, Claim Mod, Viable War Rules, New Weapons, Cannons, and much more. Realm Code in Discord. Dm Gamer STINKY#0141

Cloudy Factions is one of the highest quality Factions Realm's out right now. It includes faction creation and claiming, faction leaderboards, crates, ranks, quests, spawners, and whole lot more! Find out what we have to offer by joining today!

A neat faction realm that will have crates and claiming, but has a shop, commands and more! Also, you can set homes, go to spawn, soon to be able to get crates and more!! If you want, you can create a faction and start raiding others

Droidcraft Factions is one of the oldest reals on Minecraft Bedrock Edition, dating back to the Xbox 360. What else is there to want with so many features and such a dedicated player base? It's a little out of date, with village shops. These go all the way back to the Xbox 360 with custom villagers

Dynasty Factions is the supreme factions experience with great builds and systems across the board. We have a great set of carefully selected staff members to help moderate the network effectively and professionally. We have everything a factions can need plus more.

Elite Factions is a new realm that has taken quite a bit of time in the making, the realm offers Many features. The realm was made by me and my wife after we played another factions realm and wanted a few things to change about it. Join now to check it out.

Elixir Factions is a great factions realm come and join us now! Our realm contains many features that you will enjoy, join our discord to join the realm!

Empire Factions is one of the best factions realms out there with tons of features and a thriving community it is no wonder 100's of players play it every day. There is an easy-to-use shop and also you have the ability to set multiple homes so you have the ability to setup multiple bases!

Here at Europa Network, we host a variety of 10 player realms for Minecraft Bedrock Edition. We originally started as a vanilla survival realm on March 21st, 2019, but we saw potential in realms far beyond normal survival gameplay.

A entertaining network of Realms including of KitPvP, Factions, Skyblock, Parkour, Prisons and MOAR! VERY NEW NETWORK :D

Honey Comb Factions is one of the newest faction servers out there with an ever-growing community. It is no wonder it has so many players. With features such as Crate Keys and Trading rooms, it is super fun to play

We work hard to provide a one-of-a-kind factions experience on this faction's realms! The Tier progression system is entertaining, and after it is completed, prestige becomes available.

MCNations is a Minecraft Bedrock Factions realm. Join today to conquer the server, create your nation, and leave your mark. MCNations has an active playbase and great utility systems ingame, such as Crates, Shops, Custom Commands and more!

We are a kit pvp. Looking for more members and if you want to join staff just message me at 605 656 6711. I need to type more so you know. Ddddddddfddddxdddddddddddddddddddddd fresh fgfhfyfgxyxudgfvcux fgdudhxv gdggchxg gyfgfd