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----------------------------------------- Welcome to **Shadow BoxPvP** ----------------------------------------- *what we have to offer* -fair kits -good community -ability to use your own textures -mini games -working shop -good looking scoreboard -active community -nice builds

The Lucent PIT is a reimaging of the Hypixel's Pit Gamemode, experience a unique and innovative change to player-versus-player combat and utilize things like Items, Perks, Prestige, Killstreaks, and more to help you control the field on an island with other enemy players!

The Pit Genesis is a reimaging of hypixel's pit server from java. It strives to be the best pvp realm on bedrock! We took it upon ourselves to make a complete realm with original ideas and a gameplay experience that has never been done before!

Shadow KitPvP is an amazining KitPvP with extremely fair kits and lots of features so you never get bored.

Fade Pvp is a pvp server where you can make your own kits to fight other people with this realm is really fun and Many people enjoy it.

A great kitpvp realm including 40+ kits ,crates ,quests ,bosses ,levels ,1v1 ,shop , events and much much more , jump in now and find out!

Welcome to RainyPvP, a Dedicated new upcoming Realm featuring tons of features! What are you waiting for? Join us Today!

Good active server, having features such as: crates, custom kits and power ups, we can guarantee that our staff will be helpful and responsive for you and all your needs.

Hello! Fade Pvp is releasing a new minigame called Fade RPG this july. It will be having the pit map: seasons to bring back the old map on hypixel the pit. Are RPG will have many fun stuff such as: PVP, PVE and a lot more. We have a payed rank called Fade Ultimate!

Opera RPG... The best to ever do it. Opera is full of amazing and unique ideas with action packed gameplay going from all the way to Boss event to Player Skills like poison aura. We also have an amazing radio that plays songs while you play the realm which can be toggled on and off!

Spacial Kit PvP provides players with a fun, balanced, and unique PvP experience! With fully custom spawn and arena as well as 12+ custom and unique kits your PvP experience here will be like no other realms! What we offer! Amazing Spawn and PvP Arena! 12+ Unique Kits! Custom Generators, Supply

You've found The Nether, a Minecraft realm to test your combat abilities! You will have to battle against other players in the PvP arena.

HyperLore is a fun KitPvp server ran by RealFatsx. It's very fun and the staff are very friendly! There are different maps and ways to make coins to unlock better items!

Kit PvP Map By: NeoStone2004 🌟 Vaults 🌟4 UNIQUE CLASSES πŸ”₯πŸ—‘πŸ«₯🏹 🌟DROP PARTY 🎊 🌟1v1 ARENA 🌳 SECRET LABS IN PVP ZONE πŸ”¬

Omego KIT PVP is one of the leading kit pvps on the Minecraft Bedrock edition. It has a ton of features that are worth checking out!

----------------------------------------- Welcome to **Divinity KitPvP** -----------------------------------------

A fun, old school, weekly updated, fast-growing, easy grinding KitPvP server! We have so much to offer from modded villagers to custom crafting and hope to see you here!

Welcome to Angelic Skygen we have very polite staff and a lot of updates please come and join you can join the discord and server for more information go join our website Below

Arigato Kit PvP is a very advanced and professionally made realm. Arigato PvP brings a sort of MMO RPG Vibe with PvP Included! We here at Arigato Studios thrive to bring you the best possible realm that are imaginable!

Athena Network Is a new and upcoming Network In the Bedrock Realm Community. We are expecting to put up 4 servers. This Includes: Factions, KitPvP, Skyblock and Prisons. We hope you enjoy our Realms and the experience it gives you.