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The Pit Genesis is a reimaging of hypixel's pit server from java. It strives to be the best pvp realm on bedrock! We took it upon ourselves to make a complete realm with original ideas and a gameplay experience that has never been done before!

A great kitpvp realm including 40+ kits ,crates ,quests ,bosses ,levels ,1v1 ,shop , events and much much more , jump in now and find out!

This is a highly advanced Kit PvP server with a never seen before gameplay! Sword Arts! Example: Poison Aura, Lifesteal, Thunder Strike, Zapdos and a lot more.

Omego KIT PVP is one of the leading kit pvps on the Minecraft Bedrock edition. It has a ton of features that are worth checking out!

Arigato Kit PvP is a very advanced and professionally made realm. Arigato PvP brings a sort of MMO RPG Vibe with PvP Included! We here at Arigato Studios thrive to bring you the best possible realm that are imaginable!

Have you been looking for a new Kit pp realm to join well aura kit PVP has you covered with tons of features to check out and there are lots of players playing every day so you will always have some to face off against

Banshee Kit PVP is one of the premium kit PVP realms out there with tons of features to enjoy and an active community what is there not to love about it. Click Join realm to see more details and Join this amazing realm today

Cosmic KitPvP 💰Shop💰 👾Discord👾 🏹Kits🗡 Looking for helpers/mods for the realm and discord, more info on the discord server or dm me on xbox: Tacopig XBOX

In this pvp kit ( top 3 clans get payed ) Duels Quests in a Combo Arena Pouch for money The mailman Capabilities ( you can buy in game ) Mines are a type of mineral ( in pvp, shop for it )

Hello and welcome to Elegance Kit PvP. We Are A Popular New Minecraft Realm! Where Can You PvP, PvE, Mine, And Grind? We provide: • A lot of fun • A vibrant and active community! •

Elixer kit pvp is like nothing else it features custom villagers, vaults 15+ kits, duals, pvp arena, mines and way more it has 2 types of currency (Elixer and money scoreboards) there is over 700 people. I hope to see you in here and have fun that’s all that matters:)

Do you want to play in a kit pvp realm? We have one for you that is really good and active, and we have a lot of players. Empress Kit PvP has over 300+ realm members and nearly 300 discord members. We've got a great community, and we'll make sure you enjoy it! We have mines, vaults, generators, shop

Ender Kit Pvp is a sick kit pvp with many up and comming updates, Awesome features, and welldone builds

Here At Evolution Network we strive to help players And our community We make sure your gameplay is the best you can ever experience.

Galaxy PVP is not just a PVP Realm is way more things involved with it such as plots, crates and even mini games to keep you entertained on the realm.The Realm has a team of active staff and over 500 discord members and a active community

A game of blades and sorcery you can use that sorcery to attack move and sneak around people in 1v1 or FFA matches. If you use your sorcery strategically you can wipe out people instantly. Same thing with blades, its a game where everyone can play. If you cant PVP with swords use mage classes.

This Realm is a box PvP where players mine regening ores to upgrade there amour and PvP to prove they are the best. This realm has a casino and Java PvP.

do you like competitive pvp? do you like casual economy? well hyperlore pvp is a mix of both. You can spend your time fighting some of the most hardcore pvpers in the community, or you could just chill and fight mobs or mine! Create a plot to show off your builds and store your items.

Looking for a fun and unique PVP realm? Then Lunar PVP is the realm for you. Brought to you by the team who made Lunar prisons, Lunar PVP puts a twist on standard kit pvp's, Lunar PVP has many features such as Vaults, 14+ kits, minigames, lunar pass, events, banking system, crates and much more!

This is a new and improved KitPvP realm. There is shops, crates, vaults, and more. You fight people for their items to become the best player. We also have a discord server where you can report people that are playing unfairly or you can just chat with the community.