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This is probably one of the most unusual realms I've ever encountered. It is finally available after two years of development.

Everyone participating in the Pixelmon community will have a pleasant and unique Pixelmon experience on any of our worlds, which you won't be able to get anywhere else! A unique pixelmon experience packed with our own content, exclusive events, and a welcoming community

A premium Pixelmon server with tons of Pokemon to catch and raise. Over 100+ pokemon to choose from.

Looking for a Pixelmon Realm, Well this one has Gyms and a working battle system and over 80 Pokémon Join Today! They also have a wonderful community where you can play and enjoy the world of Pokémon. for now they have a realm available that is survival using the serp addon that you can join!!!

This realm uses the addon called SERP that I have not seen used on a realm before this really is perfect since it is always receiving updates and the owners have been working on it for about a year now with custom builds and tons of things to do it is understandable why it is getting so much popular

This is a realm Based on the game Pokemon Explore with friend, family and more with exciting adventures. Catch Pokemon up to the 2th GEN! Have fun!

Pixelmon is one of the most popular modpacks for Minecraft, and it has a large following. The mod is based on the enormously successful Pokémon video game franchise.

A Brand new Pokemon realm has just opened and it seems that it has a ton of different features and it is heard toward a survival experience.

This Realm adds so much to give a good experience this realm has 5 regions to play on its so fun to explore all 5 regions i hope everyone has a fun time playing pixelmon have fun on pokeworld

A wonderful realm that focuses on Pokemon in Minecraft. This realm works for all versions of bedrock

Our Minecraft realm features the incredible Pokemon Reforged mod, bringing the world of Pokemon to life like never before.

Pixelmon is one of the most popular modpacks for Minecraft, and it has a large following. The mod is based on the enormously successful Pokémon video game franchise. It enriches the gaming environment by introducing hundreds of new Pokémon

join my new fun pixelmon realm its very fun you can invite anyone to join with a good community hope you have fun playing pixelmon hope you have a great time you can catch over 200 pokemon and when new project pixelmon update comes out all add that to bring up to 600 pokemon hope you have a great ti

My smp is one of the best modded smps out there we have mods such as world animals mod to turtle client we even have a active community with 11 slots to play at once right now there are probely pepeole building bases right now the smp is really fun i think you should give it a shot hope you have fun

Minecraft Pixelmon realms

What is a Minecraft Pixelmon realm? A Pixelmon realm is a type of Minecraft Realms that users can battle against each other to see who is the greatest. Minecraft Pixelmon has been very popular for years in the community and to this day is played by some of the best Minecraft YouTubers. In order to play Pixelmon realms all you need to do is scroll down this website and click on a realm that you find interesting! Our realm list contains over 50 Minecraft Pixelmon realms. You should have no issues finding one that has all of the features that you are looking for!


How to play Minecraft Pixelmon

In order to play on a Minecraft Pixelmon realm load up Minecraft, select multiplayer, and then click add realm, it is that simple! After that, you will be able to play on the Minecraft Realms that you chose! If for some reason you are not enjoying the realm that you are playing on no worries our Minecraft Realms list contains lots of Pixelmon realms.


Pixelmon Minecraft Realms

Some Pixelmon Minecraft Realms went above what is required and have some great features such as trails, kits, and custom-made maps that make the realms much more enjoyable. In order to check if the Pixelmon realms have these custom features you will have to manually launch Minecraft and join the realms, or read the description located under each Minecraft Pixelmon realm on our list.