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The Lucent PIT (RELEASED!)
Owner Quentalvan
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Rank 5
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Realm Category Kit PVP

The Lucent PIT is a reimaging of the Hypixel's Pit Gamemode, experience a unique and innovative change to player-versus-player combat and utilize things like Items, Perks, Prestige, Killstreaks, and more to help you control the field on an island with other enemy players. In addition to everything, we have never before seen Boss fights that are challenging and Complex for players looking for a more PvE Approach
(More about those below)

As we said this is a Reimaging, and Our version is a little different. Not only Dividing the 4 different zones into 4 separate maps but We have new mechanics and different ways to keep the gameplay fresh and make it feel like a new experience that no other server has done. When spawning in you'll be at the main hub, this you can find the different Vendors around and see what's New and what's innovated. When entering the PvP Zone and killing a player you'll receive Gold and XP. You use Xp to level up and unlock things around spawn to purchase, and even Prestige when Reaching Max Level. You use gold to purchase the things you unlocked and make yourself stronger with equipment, armor, and perks. We'll discuss a little more on those below, but using those basic resources is how you'll acquire stuff around the Pit's Market.

You can now Join the Discord to play with everyone!

Frequently Asked Questions:


Why play The Lucent PIT over other Servers?

The Lucent PIT is built with quality, creativity, and innovation with the intent of giving players a completely new experience to that constant "Kit PvP" repetition. Keep in mind this server does not have any kits. However Instead of Kits, we have a Perk System and Items you can buy, this system gives the same feeling of buying a "better kit" but changes how it is done. This way you won't be getting killed by a player who has "Protection 10" and is unkillable and vice versa, players with a good build are free to kill anyone instead of being locked behind a rule like what Kit PvPs have where "if you have this better armor you can't kill people in this armor" We also have fresh gameplay features Seasons, In-game events, a Fully flourished Leveling Up system, Prestige, a Prestige store to keep grinding and buying unique items. And so much more...  Including... PvE Co-op Boss fights! 

Who is the Creator of The Lucent PIT?

The Owner and creator of the Server is Quentalvan9999


New Perk System?

 As stated before we introduced a New perk system, which is unique to Not only the original PIT game mode but to other servers as well. Our Perk system utilizes Subclasses and Aspects, Combining a Subclass with multiple aspects will allow you to create the perfect build for your fighting style. Discover different builds and Metas by experimenting with a different subclass and how that subclass reacts with different types of aspects. While you can only equip 1 subclass at a time, each subclass has a different amount of Aspects that you can hold and each subclass/aspect does something different. The playstyles, whether they are good, bad, annoying, or just goofy are up to the community to discover, and that's what we love about them!


In-game Events?

Yes! If there are a certain amount of players online at a time there is a small chance every minute for a Minor Event or Major Event to occur, These events can give Huge bonuses and multipliers to the amount of gold/xp you earn and create an overall fun/fresh feeling when pvp seems to be getting a little slow. These events can range from King of the Hill, Double Gold/Xp, Team Deathmatch, and other fun events, keeping the Server more Populated will have a higher chance for these events to occur!


When is the Expected release date?

We're hoping to release the realm around early June of 2023, This summer. Our motivation to work on the map is from our community, so if you're active with us, we'll be active with you and deliver the best product we can!


What Else is in store for this map?

We also have more basic things to the map, Cosmetics like Weapon Skins, trails, and Player Titles can be either purchased by Donation or Earned as well, There are seasonal Events that are always free to play and add a change up to the current gameplay, don't get these confused with In-Game events as seasonal events are more of a passive thing, changing up gameplay throughout the whole season but not as drastic as an In-game would. Event-related cosmetics and items are solely for that event and after the event ends will Not be able to be acquired, so make sure you get all the items you wish before that event ends!


Items Vendor With Custom NPC Gui!

PERKS Vendor showcasing the custom Npc Gui also revealing the Skill Tree!

A brief look at the Skill Tree and just 1 of the possible skill paths you can upgrade!


The Pinnacle of The Lucent PIT!

If you read you might've noticed we said something about boss fights, well you read correctly because we have them and they aren't a simple "zombie with a large amount of health" No. The boss fights we bring to the table are known as Heroic Events and they will be some of the BEST boss fight you'll ever experience on Minecraft Bedrock! Team up with 4-6 Players of the PIT and take on a challenging activity with unique and complex mechanics, custom music, and rewarding players with Adept gear and a chance at getting a Mythic weapon that can only be obtained by completing that event, Most players love to do these and is the highlight of our map! Show off your skill and how well you can solve puzzles/communicate with your team to take down the big bads thrown at you these are for the players looking for a real PvE challenge and not just some simple high-health boss. Become good enough to even unlock some Cosmetics exclusively to that Heroic Event to show the whole server who you are and what you've accomplished!


Pictures from different Heroic Events in the Past:

The Rest of the Features are for you to find in game!


To conclude with, The Lucent PIT is a revolutionary realm in the PvP Community, We bring a unique PvP experience to bedrock and turn original pvp servers like Kit PvP's into a new fresh and flourished PvP gameplay style, We also bring the Hypxiel Type Experience to ALL Devices. So that everyone can enjoy a quality server with no fear of it getting dried or boring. Bring your friends or go alone and become the best skillful or looking player on our server, and in case you aren't convinced yet, there is still so much more you can discover and experience in The Lucent PIT than what was said here If you are interested you can join the discord to be updated on the realm's progress and release info. We'll be waiting for you, and we're happy to have you with us!

Current Version: v0.9 (Map Still in BETA)

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