CrazyCraft For Minecraft Bedrock Realms

There are tons of different types of realms out there but it seems like there are not a lot of realms based around the popular modpack Crazycraft, better yet since it is exclusively made for java edition it is hard to find an alternative for the bedock ediion of Minecraft!


What is Crazy Craft Exactly?


Crazy Craft is an incredible mod pack that takes Minecraft's challenges to the next level. It has everything from a randomizer mod to make everyone's experience unique to awesome custom mods to tweaked and different recipes to make things even more special and unique.


Obtaining powerful weapons and tools in dungeon craft is now much more balanced. New ores, weapons, and tools are also available. For more information, watch this video.









Herobrine used to be epic. That was his universe, when everyone was terrified of him. But he is now the least of everyone's concerns. That makes him very sad. Herobrine will levitate around aimlessly and smack you aimlessly to vent his frustrations. He had to relinquish his position as the big bad boss when there were more powerful, multidimensional beings than him.



The magical forest biome can only be found in deserts. It is a biome at extremely high altitude, with cliffs stretching up to the clouds. It is extremely dangerous and teeming with strange creatures.

Mobs include the Ogre Warrior, Forest Guardian, Deer, Bloodsucker, Bigfoot, Ancient Golem, and others.

The magical forest is both strange and beautiful. It's covered in massive trees, ancient ruins, and massive underground lakes!


Toxic Biome:


The toxic biome came from an alternate Earth in which world powers fought each other with a slew of lethal bio weapons and genetically modified viruses. The resulting devastation was so severe that the only living things left were mutated plants and people who had been transformed into monsters by the terrible weapons. Toxic biome generation includes perilously high cliffs, forests of strange trees, and abandoned labs scattered across the landscape. If you're looking for materials to make potions to use in chemical warfare, you should go there in survival mode. heh.
Idioclasts call this place home.

dungeon-craft-v50-heroes-and-villains-update-ii_4 (1).png

One of the main bosses is Hector.

Hector the Sorcerous was a sorcerer who drew power from the Ender Dragon and the Wither. From the depths to the abyss. He attained such unrivaled power that he quickly destroyed both of the mobs that gave him his power. Hector is extremely powerful, with the ability to teleport and shoot massive amounts of fireballs. If you defeat him, he will give you the right side of the quake hammer as well as the hero sword! A sword that increases your health to 100, regenerates you, and allows you to deal at least 130 damage. It's well worth it to defeat Hector.

Hector spawns infrequently in any savanna biome.



Okay! We've progressed to the more dangerous mobs. The postosuchus are dinosaurs found in the Minecraft universe- 12. An alternate reality in which dinosaurs did not become extinct and remained the dominant species on the planet. Remember those underground fossils you found? He's one of them, except he's far more dangerous and alive. Postosuchus can be found spawning anywhere in the overworld where there is grass. He also spawns during the day! If you come across one while exploring your new world, you should flee!




Getting Items Functions: /function food

Provides you with all food items.

/method special items

Provides you with weapons, relics, and other unique items.

/function elements

Gives you access to all of the Add-blocks. On's


1. Q: Where should I put the structure pack?

A: The structure pack is also known as a behavior pack. You apply it in the same way that you would the Dungeon-Craft behavior pack.

2. Q: Why are the mobs invisible and their eggs black?

A: It's most likely due to running other conflicting Add-Ons alongside Dungeon Craft. Not all Add-ons are backwards compatible. Try putting only Dungeon Craft in a world without attempting to enable any other Add-Ons on the same world.

3. Q: Why aren't the structures functioning properly?

A: To make everything in Dungeon Craft work, you must enable experimental gameplay. Particularly the structures.


Download Crazy Craft For Bedrock