Custom Building Blocks For Minecraft (Works with realms)

As the name implies, this provides more blocks for builders to use! Currently, there are two main types of blocks available in builder blocks. Vertical slabs and custom plants are included in the add-on. Vertical slabs are simply slabs that are vertical! The plants, on the other hand, require some explanation. Plants essentially allow you, the builder, to place crops such as wheat, carrots, potatoes, and other types of crops wherever you want. (This does not have to be on farmland.) 

unknown (5).png

This also means that when a player or mob jumps on these custom plants, they are not destroyed. These are all custom blocks, not vanilla blocks. To get these blocks, you must first download and install the add-on. If you do not have experimental features enabled in your world, the add-on will not work. After you've verified this, run the command /function bb/vertical slabs/get blocks or /function bb/plant/get blocks. The first command will return all of the vertical slabs, while the second will return all of the custom plants.

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Video Showcase

This add-on is now being managed by bedrock cubed. The download can be found here