How to Fix Minecraft Bedrock Edition Realm Upload Issue


So, is your realm being trash? maybe the packs aren't uploading. or that world you spent countless hours  wont go through. well i'm here to help you solve your issue!! this guide contains all the information on getting around realm issues!


What Causes The issue!

the issues mainly occur when you have > 5k members on a realm. if you have > 5k members please skip down to crash and disconnect fixes



If a pack your uploading does not upload( you get the failed upload message or nothing ingame works as intended)

try these steps:


1.  the min_version_engine in all manifest.json files should always be 1.8.0 or you should just remove it completely. any version other than 1.8.0 tends to glitch out on realms


2. your pack manifest needs to be correctly formatted like so or a error can happen: dont improperly type json:


    "format_version": 2,

    "header": {

        "description": "Tutorial Behavior Pack",

        "name": "Tutorial Behavior Pack",

        "uuid": "bc2a0bc9-e3a2-4702-9319-d4d3231dfdbc",

        "version": [1,0,0],

        "min_engine_version": [1,12,0]


    "modules": [


            "description": "_",

            "type": "data",

            "uuid": "891f5751-bb0e-47c6-91f0-fdc4e76949ef",

            "version": [1,0,0]



    "dependencies": [


            "uuid": "66c6e9a8-3093-462a-9c36-dbb052165822",

            "version": [0,0,1]







SO Your uploading your pack and suddenly the game straight up crashes.

heres a step by step guide on fixing this:

1. see how long it takes for a crash to occur while uploading(usually is 18 seconds)

2. try uploading again, 3-4 seconds before a crash minimize your mc window! or suspend it without closing it!!! wait 30s!

3. unsuspend/maximize mc. assuming you did the steps right the pack should upload if you get a error, please look at pack fixes(edited)


World upload issues


Really at this point, remove all packs from the world, then when the world is uploaded add behaviors first(assuming the manifest is correct) and then add resource packs


Again, make sure you keep your manifest clean and proper. all manifests need to have a unique uuid! dont use someone elses!!!!!!  realms might load someone elses add-on!!!


if you have to use the same uuid, increase the version on the pack everytime you make changes!(edited)


More World upload issues 

oh no your realm is still not functioning properly even after you removed those pesky packs. and to make matters even worse your realm is probably even applying textures or random behvaiors that cant be removed!


well theres a fix to this if your world wont upload. go to your worlds folder and delete world_behavior_pack_history.json





once those files are deleted attempt to upload your world to your realm


Rare Case Senario

this is a rare case, but the issue can be your internet. try reconnecting or restarting your WiFi, and ensure you have a good connection to the internet. but for this method, delete the behavior_pack and resource_pack folders in the world save, then upload it. without removing the .json files

if the issue still persists, upload a small world and wait a hour, or log in game then try uploading again