How to Join Minecraft Bedrock Realms (Minecraft Xbox One, PS4, MCPE, Windows 10)

What Are Minecraft Bedrock Realms



Realms are multiplayer servers in Minecraft that allow a user to invite up to ten other players at the same time.
In all versions of Minecraft, players can send and receive invites to Realms via the Realms Menu.

Back in 2009, Minecraft took the gaming world by storm, and what appeared to be a small indie title at the time grew to be larger than most AAA titles.


The game has become a pop culture phenomenon, appealing to almost everyone, from young players to mature audiences.


One of the primary reasons for Minecraft's enduring popularity is that it isn't just a solitary experience. In an intriguing way, the game encourages social interaction.


Minecraft allows players to create Realms, which are essentially hand-crafted game worlds, and allows other players to visit them. In Minecraft, the player can also choose to join someone else's Realm.

This results in an extremely engaging experience, which has been at the heart of Minecraft's success.

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Minecraft Realms are basically multiplayer servers that allow a player to invite up to ten other players at the same time. Realms are active for 24 hours, so players can join one whenever they want after receiving an invite.

Realms is available on all platforms, including Windows, PlayStation 4, and Android. They can be accessed from any of these devices as long as players use the same Microsoft account on all of them.

Simply follow these steps to join a Realm in Minecraft:

From the Minecraft Main Menu, navigate to the Realms Menu.
Choose a Realm from the list of available Realms for the player to join.



When a Realm is chosen, it becomes available to the player.
Each Realm a player joins requires an invitation, which is indicated by the flashing mail icon.

The colored dot next to a Realm indicates its current status: green indicates that it is open and available to join, yellow indicates that it will expire soon, and red indicates that the Realm has expired or has been closed by the owner.

Wpw This Realm is Popular


Sometimes Realms will be full so you will just have to wait  since the max amount of players that can join a realm is sadly 10

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