How to Reduce Realm Lag

Reduce connection lag


With realms, you have no control over this.


TPS (Ticks per second) should be increased:

Try to avoid repeating commands as much as possible. If a system absolutely requires repeat commands, slow them down.

Make an entity more clear. You should not use a timer. Instead, make one based on the number of entities. If the number of entities in your realm reaches a certain threshold, it will be cleared automatically.

Instead of tags, use scores in repeat commands. Tags place far more strain on the tps than scores do.


If you're using a non-void world, make sure to pre-generate all chunks within its borders (you should have a world border).


As much as possible, avoid using entities in your command systems. Almost all command systems can be created without the use of entities!


Increase FPS (Frames Per Second):


These are only applicable to mobile players. Follow these steps if you want your realm to be mobile friendly.


Use of high resolution resource packs such as shaders, 64 x 64 textures, and so on is not recommended.


Use particle animations sparingly.


Don't make too many floating text entities, especially holograms with multiple lines


Tips For Reducing Lag:


If you have a system where a long chain is constantly running, perhaps it only needs to be on when a player is in that area or has a tag, ect... This allows you to have a command block, a comparator, and then the entire chain turning 40 commands off and only one on.

Wherever possible, use functions instead of commands!

You can find more details in the discord