Skyblock For Realms

We've all played the classic Skyblock. It goes well at first, and you have the best of intentions...but it always falls flat. FORGET ABOUT IT! This is your classic old school Skyblock, with all of the issues resolved! With four custom villagers all offering amazing trades to help you have the best simple Skyblock experience ever, resources are easier to come by! Achievements are now available! I even reintroduced some classic crafting recipes, such as the "Notch Apple" and "Stone Hopper," which are now available through villager trades!


Welcome to a new Skyblock map with more possibilities! I've played dozens of Skyblock maps in my Minecraft career, and no matter how hard I try or how dedicated I am, I always lose motivation to keep playing because there is always something that I can't do in the Skyblock map that I can do in regular Minecraft! How many maps have you played in which you work so hard only to discover that there is no way to access the End Dimension? What's the point of starting if there's no end in sight?


That's all there is to it!

This map allows you to access both the Nether and End dimensions! The Nether has been reduced to a 500X500 empty square surrounded by a lava pit. The walls are lined with netherrack and bedrock to make them impenetrable in terms of survival.

You will be dropped inside the HUB by the main spawn. This is where you can make any changes to your settings (Creeper explosions, Keep inventory, Difficulty).


There are also four custom villagers stationed inside the HUB (Farmer, More Crafting, Enchantment, and Skyblocks shop); these villagers provide a variety of trades to assist with Skyblock life.


After entering the teleporter and selecting your settings, you will be transported to the main island. This is where your adventure will begin!


To enter the Nether, travel to the Nether island below and repair and light the portal.

An End Ship is floating above, holding the portal to the End Dimension (careful of shulkers). Collect enough ender pearls and blaze powder to make 10 Eyes of Ender, then fill the End frames with them and enter the End! After defeating the Ender Dragon and claiming the egg, all players will be rewarded with a set of Elytra!


There are two paths to take inside the Nether: one leads to Wither Skeletons and the other to Blazes. I don't want to show too many pictures because there are a few secrets to discover throughout the map.


-Sleep System-

The world's one player sleep system allows a single person to skip the night with multiple online players by standing on top of a bed and selecting the sleep option. The night will be skipped, and Phantom spawns will be reset.

Aside from that, this is a normal survival world where achievements are possible, so go out, create, and survive!


Download The Map Here