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BinoCraft Factions
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Binocraft Factions is one of the finest factions realms for the MCBE realm community, and it is also one of the most popular. Play on any Bedrock Device that is compatible.


What are Factions Realms?

Factions realms are one of the most popular kinds of Minecraft gamemodes available today, and it is easy to see why. It expands on the original Minecraft survival experience by including a few essential plugins and improvements. Factions is not a game for the faint of heart. At its heart, it is a multiplayer online battle arena game. There's also OP Factions, which adds enchantments and other features to the game that aren't included in the basic game. The primary goal of Factions is to form a powerful team (referred to as a "Faction"), claim territory, construct bases, and begin attacking other bases. In Factions, raiding is a fundamental concept. Construction of cannons to knock down fortifications, PvP, and plundering the wealth you discover will make for an entertaining raid.


How To Play?

Okay, so you've just joined a factions/raiding realm and you're determined to take over the world. First and foremost, establish 4-6 people who are REAL friends. After establishing all of this, create a faction and invite everyone to participate if they so want. Because the faction is comprised of a small number of individuals who are all buddies, the decision was made to only ask them. Because they are all friends, there is little possibility of betrayal or grieving on their part. The second stage is to maintain secrecy, only speaking at certain times or in faction chat to avoid attracting the attention of rival factions that do not want you well.



It's time for you to grow more strong. Not in the sense of power, but in the sense of gear. Attempt to go all the way to full diamond gear, and maybe enchantments, by staying away from spawn, where there is no one else to bother you. And don't forget about bows and a plentiful supply of arrows.

Supplies must be gathered:

When you're initially collecting supplies, be sure to ALWAYS remain together and stay away from everyone else to avoid becoming separated. When mining, constantly keep an eye out for rogue nametags, and if you see one, immediately spawn away from the area. Alternatively, squat if you want to be extremely secretive; a crouching nametag cannot be seen through a wall.

How to gather Resources:

Find a remote forest that is uninhabited by anybody other than your companions, and collect about 4 stacks of wood. Then begin making everything and everything you can out of wood, including bows.

To begin mining for stone and iron, descend deep down to a depth of about 20 blocks below the surface of the earth's crust. Make stone implements at this point.

Then you may smelt iron using wood and use it to create tools and armor out of iron.




Finally, get diamonds in whatever way you can.

The last step is as follows:

Now is the time to get down to business with the most essential things. First, establish a secret base far away from civilization at bedrock. Make an Obby Generator on the inside, then cover it with as much Obby as you can to protect it. You should create a large pool of lava in the area above.

The finest kinds of bases are those that are built on bedrock, on lava, or under an ocean.

Now, locate a spawner or purchase one, and construct a grinder. If it is a Skeleton or a Spider, it would be fantastic.




Now it's time to go on a raid. First and foremost, create your ALLIES and then attack THEIR adversaries. Attacking while they are offline or frightened out of their base is the most effective method of completing a raid. Once you've found their base, gather everyone around you, which should be only a few streets away from it. You should have a code, such as "MAYDAY" or "R," that you may use to notify everyone that you need help or need to withdraw. In any case, you should have acquired a lot of strength throughout the previous stages. If this is the case, then murder everyone in the opposing party to prevent them from gaining control. The following step is for them to claim their valuables and receive it as a prize. On occasion, a Staff basis will serve as the foundation. It's a little difficult to get beyond that. The most frequent griefers' technique is to walk directly beneath it, enclose yourself, then log out then back in, till you end yourself within the fortress. Another option will need the use of a boat or two. First, climb up to the top of the wall. Then take the boat and dock it exactly next to it; the boat should gently make its way inside through the wall as a result. It will sometimes come to a complete halt and suffocate you, so be prepared to teleport away fast.

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