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Chimera Prisons
Owner Cursetru
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Rank 34
Votes 14
Views 5384
Realm Category Prison

Upon joining Chimera prisons, the first thing you should do is look for the deafault mine, that has a big "A" over the entrance. Mining on chimera provides a stable source of income and is especially geared towards new players. After mining and gathering enough money, you will find that you can upgrade your rank, thereby unlocking new prison mines that can bring in even more money. your goal is to become the richest player on the server, and teaming is allowed so bring some friends. we reccomend this so your money will exponentially increase if a few of your friends are mining with you, and some backup never hurts in fights. be sure to join the discord. One more thing to note: we are a semi-mature community, and might use no no words! if your not into that kind of thing, maybe you should just play lifeboat. hope to see you on the realm!

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