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Fade Pvp
Owner xx_HiveLanky_xx
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Rank 21
Votes 60
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Realm Category Kit PVP

Fade Pvp is a pvp server where you can make your own kits to fight other people with this realm is really fun and Many people enjoy it. You can find the discord server here: and you can make many freinds. In the discord you can find Ban Appeals and Staff Applications.

How To Play?


Currency is used to buy items.There are two types of currency. Gems and Coins Gems are earned by completing difficult tasks in the server. Coins are easily earned from kills in the pvp arena.


Tokens can be bought or earned from playtime in the server. The most common token is a kit token which grants random kits. There are other types of tokens which gives you enchants and effects!


The pvp arena is where the most action takes place! The pvp contains generators, supply drops, and more! Earn coins, gems, and xp by getting kills


Levels allow players to unlock more parts of the server like the mob arena and Crystal arena. Levelling up requires that you get 1000 xp. You get xp by gettings kills and completing tasks within the server. You can always check your progress in the menu!



Rules: Follow the rules or you will be permanetly banned.

  • No Hacking

  • No Butterfly / drag clicking,

  • No apps that increase cps.

  • No macros

  • No Map Exploits


Shop Info:

- Shop prices may vary from prices set by players. They may be higher or lower depending on the current demanding on the current demand for an item. Shop prices are set based on the default progression of players and may be changed or removed at any time.




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