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Fallen Full Anarchy
Owner fallenanarchy
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Rank 100
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Views 1578
Realm Category Survival



            📄 __**•Fallen Anarchy(FA) Info•**__ 📄




📖 ⇨ **Realm Description** ⇦ 📖


The Fallen Network has introduced Fallen Anarchy(FA) back in September 2020. This Realm/Community is based off of the Minecraft: Java Edition Anarchy Server 2b2t. We try to replicate 2b2t by allowing Hacking, Griefing, Duplicating, and stealing essentially no Rules besides necessary Guidelines which are precautions that keeps the Realms infrastructure intact just like 2b2t.


__**This Anarchy Realm specifically allows certain 32k item enchants and unobtainable items.**__  


⇨ **Protected By**

> ➤ #🎮┇Unity Entertainment 

> ➤ #💎┇Anti-Cheat Credit 

⇨ **Realm Owner** 👑

> ➤ <:Pepe_King:896910898311094293> *The Realm owner is <@412808052710965269>.* *The Realm founder is FieldMarshalCream.*


⇨ **Realm Code** 📟

> ➤ <#919142799146893312> 

__*[Up to 10 Players may join the Realm at a time]*__



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