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Forge Realms
Owner parzey
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🪙 Forge Realms 🪙 💻 A New Upcoming Network Our Network brings to you... VERY NEW NETWORK 😄 We have a range of exciting things to keep you entertained! 🔥 An expansive PvP arena 🗒️ Mini-games 🎁 Shops 🔑 Custom kits 🧰 Crates/Crate Keys 🏅 Boss Events ⏭️ Replay Mode ⚡ Custom Commands 💠 Custom GUI 🛠️ Ban/Kick System (Anti Cheat) 🌎 All Devices allowed! 📲 🖥️ 🎱 🎯 PvP bots to Train with! 🌠 NEED STAFF/BUILDERS MESSAGE @parzey IF INTERESTED ⬆️ Friendly Owner that regularly gives items!


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