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gaeming is graet
Owner karadied
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Rank 308
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Realm Category Survival

Gaeming is Graet survival realm and server


Gaeming is Graet provides a fun time for players and people who just like Minecraft in general.


Gae Discord Information:


👥 Active Staff 


👫 400+ Members 


📱 Various Staff Applications


🤖 Many Monitoring and Game Bots 


📝 Rule System - listed on server 


🚨 Hacker Report Channel




Gae Realm Information:


🫂 Active Admins and Helpers


⛔️ Sufficient Anti Cheat 


📜 Rules listed on the Realm


💥 Mostly Anarchy 


👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 600+ Players


🏔 Large Protected Spawn Area


🧳 Starter Kit


 Not an SMP




How to Join:


To join the Discord Server and be a part of the Community, click this link:




To Join the Realm, click this link:


Note: If the game says you need an invite upon trying to join the realm, keep trying to join, it is a glitch and will work after no more than a few minutes.


As well, feel free to leave feedback and suggestions on the Discord and Realm!


Have fun!

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