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Omego Prisons
Owner OmegoNetwork
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Rank 20
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Realm Category Prison

★  **Omego Prisons**  ★

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**The best** (I’ve seen)prisons you will find around , this prisons is full of features that range from gangs to crates. Active staff so it is extremely rare you will meet a dirty hacker! Very fresh with the season 2 just launched . We also have very frequent updates (around a week between each one) Jump in and grab your pick and start mining! 

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**What we offer ➪**


➣ Pvp Arena 

➣ Balanced Kits

➣ Balanced starter kit

➣ Crates

➣ Gangs 

➣ Daily reward

➣ Discord kit

➣ Active staff 

➣ Shop

➣ Boss 

➣ Mines 

➣ GUI 

➣ Custom enchants  

➣ Events 

➣ Money transfer 

➣ Great community


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✮ 𝙹𝚘𝚒𝚗 𝚗𝚘𝚠 𝚋𝚎𝚕𝚘𝚠


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How to get started on Prisons


The starting spawn area of the Prison game type greets players with a series of screens instructing them how to begin, etc. You will be able to reach the various blocks you have rights for, starting with the first or default block. Once you enter it, you'll be able to mine and cultivate trees and advance through the ranks of the jail. To look at the various ranks or blocks that you may advance through, you can use the /ranks command.


Every mine in the jail has a timer that restarts after a period of time. When the timer restarts, the mines should not harm any of the players inside of them. You may also make players jail guards to ensure that players abide by whatever restrictions you establish. This new aspect dramatically increases the risk-reward ratio in the game for anybody who attempts to make money in a shady manner. Not only will you be able to see how much money you need to rank up, but you will also be able to escape the jail after you have ranked up through all the levels!

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