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Owner NathanM09
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Realm Category Survival



We are a small realm that has a nice community and are welcoming new members. 

We have many features


➤ A Level system that goes to 300

➤ Quests

➤ Kits

➤ Respectful Staff

➤ Donations can be made

➤ Effects for leveling up

➤ Plots

➤ The End and The Nether

➤ A detailed spawn that has parkour

➤ Events

➤ Games

➤ PvP

➤ Survival Games

➤ Shop


Our server has a great anti-cheat to stop hackers ruining your days. 

We Hope You Join Us And Enjoy Our Community And Realm. 


● Realm Code:

● Discord Invite:



If The Code Doesnt Work The First Time Try Again Because Realms Are Broken Like That

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