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A new kit pvp realm with custom events, beautiful shop UI, anticheat and an active staff team. We are always open to suggestions on how we can make our realm better so join our discord to tell us.

Lifeblock Skyblock is one of the leading skyblocks in the realm community with tons of features no wonder tons of players are joining everyday. Click join Realm to see more details about this amazing realm!

A normal survival realm with a mesa spawn with a jungle nearby and a mod that adds 1 player sleep system so not everyone in the realm does not have to sleep at the same time. A maximum of 10 players can be on the world at a time

informtion Light box pvp is a box pvp but with money so you can call it a box/faction pvp but unlike the factions there is ores that regenerate witch makes it easier to get kits theres also supply crates and multipliers for money as well as that theres loads of events also lots more updates to come

Looking for a fun and unique PVP realm? Then Lunar PVP is the realm for you. Brought to you by the team who made Lunar prisons, Lunar PVP puts a twist on standard kit pvp's, Lunar PVP has many features such as Vaults, 14+ kits, minigames, lunar pass, events, banking system, crates and much more!

Looking for the best Minecraft Bedrock servers this year, then you are on the right page. If you never heard about the Minecraft Bedrock edition, it is designed for consoles similar to PC for hosting custom Minecraft Servers.

in the discord you can vc and ask questions, details are , port:33439 its an smp btw no grieffing ther is also anticheat bye!

MCNations is a Minecraft Bedrock Factions realm. Join today to conquer the server, create your nation, and leave your mark. MCNations has an active playbase and great utility systems ingame, such as Crates, Shops, Custom Commands and more!

This is a new and improved KitPvP realm. There is shops, crates, vaults, and more. You fight people for their items to become the best player. We also have a discord server where you can report people that are playing unfairly or you can just chat with the community.

Medieval Times V2 is a Medieval Modded Minecraft Survival Experience With Shaders, Medieval tools and weapons, medieval armor and more if you wanna play this realm must join the MT V2 discord code will be in the Realm Channel

Miner Mends is a Popular Realm YouTuber with over 7k subscribers. He loves his fans so much he decided to make his very own realm for them to play on!

A realm that you just mine in that's constantly being updated. Nothing to hard and a chill laid back experience, and a nicely fast paced progression

The Missile smp is a survival realm there is fun stuff at spawn like roller-coasters and other theme park games the realm showcase is in my YouTube Missile Eater

A very easy-to-use Kit pp server with tons of features such as vaults and even a shop where players can cash out on all the kills they get against other players.

This is a survival Origins PVP realm please join the discord this realm has a lot more mods. Please don't hack or cheat. Obey the rules of the realm. AND have FUN!

Do you want mods on your Nintendo switch Xbox and PlayStation well this is the realm for you we have tons of mods and we change them every month you can even suggest a mod

We are a kit pvp. Looking for more members and if you want to join staff just message me at 605 656 6711. I need to type more so you know. Ddddddddfddddxdddddddddddddddddddddd fresh fgfhfyfgxyxudgfvcux fgdudhxv gdggchxg gyfgfd

This is a new PvP and we are looking for new players to come along and have fun Owner = ⓩ乇Ⓡ𝐭𝐒#0001

Neutron is a sci-fi RPG focused on slaying foes and getting the best gear. Neutron is the second in line of my sci-fi RPG games. Currently there are only three, with each one being better than the last.

we are a small friendly community looking to play rp or pvp all of our staff and players are friendly and respectful to each other

What are Minecraft Realms?

What are the Best Minecraft Realms? This may seem like it is a simple question however the answer is not that simple. There is a lot of components that go into finding Minecraft Realms however our website helps make this task easier. On Best Minecraft Realms you can scroll down our website and click the copy IP address button and play on any realm you would like! Each realm listed on our website has been audited by our website to ensure that the quality of the Minecraft Realms you are playing on truly is the best!


What is a Minecraft Realms List?

What is a Minecraft Realms List? A realm list is a website that can be accessed through Google to help find Minecraft Realms. Each realm list varies depending on who runs the website however this website, Best Minecraft Realms manually checks each realm that is listed and makes sure they are of the highest quality so that you can enjoy the Minecraft Realms that you play on! In order to use our Minecraft Realms List simply scroll down our website and click copy IP address once you ve found the realm that you think you will enjoy and boom, just copy it into your Minecraft launcher and have fun playing the realm list


How do I play Minecraft Realms?

In order to play a Minecraft Realms you must have Minecraft installed on your computer. After that, load up Minecraft Multiplayer and then click add realm. Next pick the Minecraft Realms from our site that you would like to play, then click add realm, and then type in the realm IP address. After that have fun playing on your Minecraft Realms. If for some reason you arent enjoying the realm you found you can use our site, Best Minecraft Realms, and select a realm you would rather play on. If you cannot find a realm that fits what you are looking for on our site you can search for Minecraft Realms through google and select another realm list! If you ever have any questions about Minecraft Realms feel free to contact our support through the contact us button.